Can I Recall a Previously Sent Hotmail Email Message

Microsoft has taken several activities since its beginning and now it has come to a level where no organization has ever come to. There is a major reason for its prosperity and this success is known to numerous individuals. It has launched new services and applications time to time to keep connect with its clients and it has been effective in accomplishing that. It propelled its mailing service first in 1996, the name given to that site was, Hotmail.

Hotmail is one of the most established free web based mailing sites and it serves a huge number of individuals consistently. It offers a decent number of helpful features, for example, setting up an automatic reply or answer which sets up a programmed answer to those clients who sends you a mail when you are on a vacation. One such feature that has been talked about by Hotmail Phone Number UK is related to the substitution of an old mail which has been sent by you and now you need to change something in that.


There is a condition which both the clients need to obey and this sole condition is that you both must have a Hotmail mail account. On the off chance that you are having all the desired functions and features then take after the mentioned steps all together:

  • At the first step you can sign into your mail account by giving your account credentials, for example, your email id or username and password.
  • Then you need to pick the document alternative and next the information option to continue further.
  • Here on the account info page, you need to choose the client’s email ID.
  • Now clicking your navigation key go to the sent items. Ensure that your email id isn’t an IMAP or POP email server worked.
  • After this double tap the email message that you need to review back
  • Afterward simply go to the actions segment.
  • Now you can even remove the previous email message. To make a change in your message, to press the recall box.
  • Now you have to enter your new mail lastly press the OK box to mark your changes.

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Some essential things to know about outlook

When secured mail transfer is the major need only hotmail can be trusted. Mail service network provides by very famous Microsoft, Outlook as hotmail is better known as proves to be enhanced mail platform worldwide. Connecting millions of users with each other from years it has established as a famous mail network worldwide. Hotmail keeps on bringing the latest update to its platform to stay ahead of time which makes it quite interesting to use. It is easy to use as well but in case if user face any issues using it is possible to obtain easy hotmail help from Hotmail customer service telephone number UK.

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Users have been using outlook since last many years but still there are various aspects which are still unknown by its users. To enjoy outlook in a best way users must know these features and some of them are:

  • One click unread mail filters – Surely when you use hotmail so widely many mails enter your inbox in such cases some mails stays unread and some read which makes it difficult to read them again. It is possible to get a list of only those mails which are unread with unread filters of outlook.

  • Message preview – In outlook it is possible to preview the complete message without actually opening it. Even though you are able to see the title and subject but with you can also view the preview of few lines of the message so that you can know what the mails is all about.

  • Zoom slider – Sometimes the mails are in a format which is not clear to read but in such cases there is possibility of using the Zoom slider option with which one can maximize the text in the messages.

  • Zoom slider – Sometimes the mails are in a format which is not clear to read but in such cases there is possibility of using the Zoom slider option with which one can maximize the text in the messages.

  • Themes – even though outlook comes in good theme by default but it let you change the themes as per your usage as well.

Themes – even though outlook comes in good theme by default but it let you change the themes as per your usage as well. Contact Hotmail technical support number UK toll free Dial 0800-098-8424

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Different options for marking mail as read in outlook

When you need a mail platform that can meet well with both your personal and professional mailing needs you must only trust enhanced hotmail platform. Hotmail is quite enhanced and it keeps on evolving with time and this is the only reasons why it manages to survive even when it exists since last many years. It understands and analyzes the needs of its users and work to bring those updated on its platform so that user may enjoy enhanced mailing services on hotmail every time. With this it also ensure that it can provide user oriented services which makes hotmail quite easy to use but in case if user still face any issues using their hotmail platform they may obtain easy hotmail help from Hotmail phone number UK.


We are well aware that whenever we open messages it is automatically marked as read in outlook mail account. Whether we have read that mail completely or not it hardly matter as soon as we click the mail it will be marked as read. Anyone can easily differentiate between read and unread mail. This is easy and default option in outlook but users can also mark it as read by themselves even if they have not actually opened it. They can also mark them as unread even when them they have opened it to read them in future. This is all easy to use and apply. Contact Hotmail Customer Care UK

These are many functions a user can take for marking a mail read and these are:

  • Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane: with this option message will be marked as read when it is opened in reading pane.

  • Mark mail as read when viewed in the reading pane for (n) seconds – With this only those mails will be marked as read which have been viewed for definite time.

  • Mark items as read when selection changes: With this only those messages will be marked as read in which selections have changed.

  • Mark items as read only when opened in a separate window: With this only those mails will be marked as read which are open in new tab.

With these easy mail marking actions managing received mails will surely become easy. All this actions are easy to apply in outlook but in case users face any issues using them they may obtain easy help from Hotmail customer service number UK.


Most Important rules of Outlook account

Hotmail offers so much for its users like contacts, calendar, online cloud storage features, connectivity to social networking platform and many more useful features. Even when it has so much its users are well aware that it has efficiency to accept the need of its users and brings it all to it platform. This innovation and advancement makes Hotmail users favorite and then it is also user friendly thus easy to use but still if any user face any issues using their Hotmail platform or any services on it they may obtain easy possible help from 24/7 Hours Hotmail technical helpline number UK.

hotmail support number

Hotmail is amazing platform that is user friendly which makes use easy and effective but to make it better it also provides various useful features as well. While outlook is used as a common mail platform you need to stay organized while using it. Outlook provides for effective organizations well. With this mails can be managed easily on outlook mail platform and the same can be applied to your Outlook folders as well and their management. It is quite sure that when outlook is used so widely there are many mails that enter each day in outlook inbox; this makes outlook a disorganized inbox. This inbox inhibits ability to communicate and collaborate wisely and for this outlook rules can be used. Outlook rules provide a way to manage messages and organize your inbox effectively.

What are Outlook rules?

In outlook rules can provide an effective way to manage mails automatically so that you can enjoy managed outlook inbox. Contact Hotmail help line 08000988424 It provides a way to automate actions in Outlook. Such that you need to do things manually after you apply rules because once the rules have been initialized Outlook can takes actions automatically for future messages. You may also apply rules to existing and old messages that resides in inbox already or lye at other places in outlook account. Rules can be applied to carry out actions such that when the upcoming mail message meets predetermined criteria desired actions of moving, deleting etc can be automatically taken in outlook.

With the easy to manage outlook rules managing of mails becomes quite easy on outlook. With managed outlook inbox everything will become organized. It is quite easy to use and apply outlook rules but still if you face any issues in this you may find easy help from Hotmail customer service number 08000988424.

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Sharing, Printing and emailing a Calendar in Outlook

Hotmail can be effective because it only provides mail services. This mail services are useful and meets well with user needs because Hotmail is sufficient enough in providing personalized mailing services to all its users and with this it becomes the most widely used mail platform for millions of its users. Hotmail is unique in its kind of mail platforms because Hotmail only provides enhanced mailing services and thus it can meet well with even the most advance mailing needs of the users. Hotmail is thus user oriented mail platform that is equally easy to use but in case if users still face any issues using any of the Hotmail services you may obtain easy help from msn 0800-098-8424 Hotmail Customer Support Number UK.


Even though it only provides specialized mailing needs it very well knows and understand the  needs of its users which they may require while using mail platform like Hotmail thus it provides applications like calendar that can be used right on the mail platform. Calendar is easy to use. One can also share, email and print the created calendar in outlook and the steps for these are as below:

Sharing an outlook calendar:

  1. Get into your outlook account
  2. Select the created Calendar.
  3. Now get into the navigation ribbon.
  4. Click on the Home tab.
  5. Select the Calendar to Share in the Share group.
  6. Here you need to enter the name of the recipient’s in the To field.
  7. From the drop-down menu choose the level of privacy you want to provide to the recipient for the calendar you are sending
  8. Finally click Send.

To print a calendar:

  1. Get into your outlook account
  2. Select the created Calendar under My Calendar.
  3. Now click on the File option from the navigation ribbon.
  4. Select Print option.
  5. Finally Click on Print.

Emailing a calendar:

  1. Get into your outlook account
  2. Click on Calendar.
  3. From the ribbon, select Home option.
  4. Now choose Calendar from the share group which you want to E-mail.
  5. Enter the name of the recipient in the To field.
  6. Enter in your message.
  7. Select Send.

With this sharing, printing and emailing a created calendar can be easily done in Outlook but still if in any case you may face any issues in this and is in need for easy help you  may get it from Contact Hotmail Toll Free Phone Number 0800-098-8424.

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Make Email Rules in Hotmail With Our Effective Steps

In this post email rules let you cooperate with email messages consequently so incoming emails will do something that you’ve pre-set them to do. For instance, possibly you get a kick out of the chance to have all messages from a specific sender quickly go to the Deleted Items folder when you get them. This management should be possible with an email rule.

Rules can likewise move an email to a particular organizer, forward an email message, mark the email message as junk, and so on.

Get complete info on all important Hotmail rules through Hotmail customer service helpline number Call 08000988424 .


Hotmail Email Inbox Rules

Look at below steps to easily make email rules in Hotmail account:-

  • Firstly you have to sign into your mail at
  • Then open the Mail settings menu by tapping the rigging symbol from the menu at the highest point of the page.
  • Now simply pick Options tab.
  • From the Mail and Automatic processing section on the left hand side, pick Inbox and sweep rules.
  • Now you can tap on the plus symbol to begin the wizard to include a new rule.
  • After that, enter a name for the mail rule in the primary text box.
  • In the first menu you have to pick what ought to happen when the email arrives. In the wake of including one, you can include extra conditions with the Add condition option.
  • Next to Do all of following link, you can pick what ought to happen when the conditions) are met. You can include more than one activity with the Add activity section.
  • In case if you need the run to not run given a specific situation, include an exclusion via the Add exception tab.
  • Now pick Stop processing more rules or guidelines in the event that you need to ensure that no different rules will apply after this one, should they, as well, relate to this specific rule. Email rules keep running in the order that they are listed; you can change the order once you spare the rule in Hotmail account. At last click on the OK button to save the rule in Hotmail account

So, don’t be worried if you are experiencing issue with the previously mentioned steps. Call our Hotmail customer support telephone number UK  and get complete solutions for your problems. In the event that you need to know more call third party tech professionals and get perfect help for your issues. The support specialists are always ready to help you.

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How to use To-Do bar in Outlook account

Hotmail is enhanced mail platform that provides effective and enhanced services for its users. Being the most widely used mail platform, hotmail makes sure that only specific mail related mail services are provided. Hotmail is thus a useful platform that is secured as well. It takes well care of its user’s privacy which makes it the most widely used mail network for official mail exchange as well. Hotmail is thus enhanced, user friendly, secured and also useful. Being user friendly users are less likely to face any issues with their hotmail platform but in case still face any issues using hotmail they may obtain easy help from Homtail technical support phone number.

maxresdefault (7).jpgWith this hotmail also provides those features that can make the user’s mail experience easy and enhanced online. One among such feature is the To Do Bar of outlook. This To-Do Bar which is available to be used as a panel appears to be on the right side of Outlook mail inbox. The To Do Bar allow user to classify and formulate the list of things he/she wish to do online with their outlook account in a day. By default it shows calendars, your upcoming appointments, and your unified task list but you may customized it and may view whatever you want to with this tab of outlook.

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A To Bar of hotmail contains the following:

  1. It may contains all those messages which you need to respond to flagged messages that you have marked to respond later.
  2. It also shows It Show Quick Contacts or may contain Contacts that you flagged which you will call when you need or when you get time.
  3. Sometimes this bar also contains lists of Tasks that you carry out the day. This will appear spontaneously one after the other.
  4. With all this it may also Show a Date Navigator.
  5. It shows three appointments by default but you may choose to view five appointments at a time if required and chosen by users.

The default arrangement may exist but it is you who decide what must appear in your outlook To Do Bar panel.

With this the To Do Bar of outlook is quite useful if used wisely. It is easy to use as well but in case still if any time user face any problem using it, it is possible to obtain easy help from Hotmail support number UK