How to Send a File Attachment in Outlook

Outlook permits you to connect files to your email messages. You will be able to send files of the many varieties to your friends and colleagues, like documents, spreadsheets, images, and much more. If you have the file saved on your PC, it become so easy to send a copy of the item. There is a limited size of attachment not more than 34 MB for hooked up files. However, you will be able to transfer files as an One Drive attachment. During this case, it is uploaded to your cloud storage on One Drive and your recipient has access to it there. That is a helpful alternative if you wish to figure on constant file while not perpetually emailing copies back and forth. It also will not obdurate their email storage or take an extended time to transfer your message because it would with an outsized hooked up file. Hotmail Support number 08000988424 helps you by providing the all necessary information about this.


You will even be ready to add files from numerous alternative on-line storage services, together with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and social sites like Facebook.

How to Attach a File to your Email in Outlook:

  •        Start preparing a new email message in Outlook.
  •        Click Attach within the higher toolbar or the paperclip icon within the lower toolbar. Each option activates the same possibility.

Find and Highlight a File on Your PC or on-line Storage:

You have an option to attach files from your Pc, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or Facebook. You may have to be compelled to add accounts for the choices apart from your PC, therefore be ready to understand your login info.

  •         Click on the choice you like and navigate to the file you wish to attach.
  •         Click Open or Select, as suitable on your browser.

Now you have been asked that however you wish to attach the file. You will be able to transfer and fasten it as an OneDrive file. If the file that you attached is over the size limit of 34 MB, you may lean the selection of uploading it to OneDrive and attaching it as a OneDrive file, however you cannot attach and send as a copy.

Wait for the File to transfer fully:

  •         Wait for the file to be fully uploaded.
  •         It can currently seem hooked up to your message within the message composition window.
  •         Continue written the message.
  •         When you are prepared, click Send to deliver the message also with its attachments.

It is better to tell your recipient info concerning the file you’re causing in order that they do not assume that it’s a spoof er making an attempt to infect them with an epidemic or worm. With some email systems, it is straightforward to overlook hooked up files. This can be another excuse to be clear in your message that there’s a file hooked up, its name, size, and what it contains. That method your recipient is aware of to appear for the attachment which it’s safe to open it.


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