Outlook customer management with hotmail

Hotmail is one of the world’s first web mail services originally founded in 1996. It is one of the best sources used to connect people through email. It provides its users with all latest upgraded technological facilities. Hotmail not only provides mailing facilities, it also provides its users the facility of ‘People search’. This facility is used to get the details of the lost persons. Hotmail follows all the easiest standards required to access the site just to make its users more comfortable and adjust easily to the mechanism. With easy standards Hotmail ensures that easy use of its platform is enjoyed by its users and in case user get into trouble they can obtain easy help from Hotmail customer service number UK. Call Us 08000988424x240-Otx

Hotmail is one the sites used all over the world. It provides the best user interface. It is preferred to be used all over the globe because of it’s one of the most important facility provided to its users i.e security to the mails of the users. Unlike other web mailing sites, it does not scan the attachments attached in the mails of the users.  This is the reason; it is one of the most trusted web mailing sites. Like other web mailing sites, hotmail also provides the users with sufficient storage space. It also allows the user to attach the files with the mails. The mails can also be forwarded to another person very easily. You just need to keep one thing in mind while accessing hotmail, that you just need to login at least once within ninety days to prevent your account from getting deleted automatically.


Hotmail has come up with another interesting and useful feature especially for businessmen. This feature is useful in managing the businesses. It’s difficult to maintain various records and tracks of numerous customers. So Hotmail provides a suitable solution for this problem by updating a feature in its services called Outlook Customer Manager. Outlook Customer Manager provides you with all your information about your customers such as your interactions with various customers, detail of your deals with your customers, it also helps you track your tasks, also surfaces timely remainders. You need not incur any extra cost in your business plan. This feature is especially launched for small scale businesses. With the help of Outlook Customer Manager, you can get the detailed information about your customers in your timeline just near your inbox. You can get your emails, meetings, calls, tasks, files, deadlines, notes, deals etc. All under a single window, the information is automatically gathered from the office 365. You need not enter the information of your customers manually. If you need help to this you may obtain easy help by dialing Hotmail Phone number. visit us over website:- http://www.emailcontactnumber.co.uk


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