How to Setup Hotmail as an exchange account on Android

hotmail-support-number-ukIf you have got more than one Hotmail, MSN, Live or Outlook email account, and are utilizing them over numerous devices, locate and setting them up on your Android gadget as an Active Sync Exchange account gives you a chance to monitor every one of your messages, schedules, events and contacts all the more effectively.

Get set up Hotmail as an exchange account on your android device with the help of Hotmail support number UK.

Step 1

Open your mail application then visit the settings menu and include or login to another email account.

Step 2

Enter your email account address and password and after that click on ‘Manual Setup’ link.

Step 3

Choose ‘Microsoft ActiveSync Exchange’ (or comparable) into appears list.

Step 4

Then round out the fields as takes after:

  •  Domain name or Username- Make beyond any doubt this field is initially cleared, then put your full email address.
  •  Email Account Password- Your email account password or secret key and exchange server on the site of
  •  Utilize SLL: Make beyond any doubt this is ticked
  • Accept all SSL testaments: Make beyond any doubt this is ticked, if accessible
  • Use customer endorsement: Do not try to tick it. After perform all that process than click ‘Next’ option.

Step 5

hotmail-helpline-contact-numberChoose the match up alternatives you require. “Push” inbox checking reappearance is prescribed on the off chance that you’d like your email messages to download consequently when they are sent to you. On the other hand if you’d rather watch out for your information, select “Manual” (or ‘draw’) so messages are just downloaded when you open your mail application

If you’re given the alternative; set the mail measure restrain, that your gadget will download, to your preferred farthest point

Note: on the off chance that you select “all” or ‘most extreme’, you may utilize extra information when messages contain connections, installed videos and images.

Step 6

Take after the prompts to proceed, pick a name for your new or fresh Exchange account and finish the setup process.

Useful Tip

Ensure you name accounts, in Step 6, in a way that makes them simple to recall – particularly if you have some Exchange or Hotmail, Outlook, MSN and so on.

Keep continue your process of email account settings via Hotmail helpline contact number and if you want any kind of help than just call on a toll free 0800-098-8424 helpline number of Hotmail UK and get easy assistance.


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