Mark all emails as read on Hotmail

If you check your Hotmail email messages from a desktop email program, you will likely be acquainted with the Mark folder or organizer as read order, which takes every Unread email message in the Hotmail email folder, and marks them as read. In the event that, in the same way as other, you utilize the “New” sign to tell you that there are some noteworthy messages in a folder, this component of the new Window Live Hotmail is a boon, which saves you from manually selecting all messages, and after that checking them as read. This blog shows you how to mark entire email messages in a folder as Read


Mark all Hotmail email messages as Read

Follow these instructions to check all messages in an email folder as Read: (note that messages effectively marked as Read are not influenced at all).

1)  If required, login to your Hotmail email account

2)  Once inside your messages visit the folder you need to mark as Read: this incorporates any of the standard Hotmail organizers, and in addition any custom email folders you have made.

3)    Find the new “Sweep” menu in the appear toolbar, and tap on it

4)   Pick  mark this email folder as read option from the menu, as appeared on the screen:

5)  Now  Hotmail will experience every email message and check it as Read, if necessary; contingent upon the quantity of messages you have inside the present folder, you may see an “in-advancement” message:

6)  Once this message disappears (you may not see it on the off chance that you didn’t have excessively many messages to stamp as Read), the whole folder’s messages have been set apart as Read – and once more, messages that were at that point Read have not been influenced.

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