How to show sent emails confirmation screen in Hotmail

By default, Hotmail will show a “Your message has been sent” confirmation screen after you have sent an email; this is entirely helpful, since it just shows up if the email was effectively sent to its goal. In the event that Hotmail was not ready to, you will get rather an error message or some likeness thereof (the genuine error messages fluctuate in view of the reason for the issue). In any case, since Hotmail will demonstrate to you an error message when there is an issue sending an email, it permits you to turn off the confirmation screen, and consequently divert you to your inbox – else, you should manually tap on the “Return to inbox”.

More often than not, Windows Live Hotmail’s message sent confirmation screen can be seen as an inconvenience, however here’s a special case: when you send an email message to a specific email id for the first time, the affirmation screen will really offer a immediate approach to include this person as a contact. Impairing this screen means that you will lose this convenient element – yet you will obviously still have the ability to include an email sender as Hotmail contact, or create new Hotmail contacts.



Just follow these steps to sidestep this screen and directly go back to your Hotmail email inbox:

  • If required, begin by logging into your Hotmail email account; then, tap on the “options” and pick “More choices“.


  • In the Hotmail Options screen that opened, discover the area marked “Written work email”, and tap on the “Sent messages confirmation”.


  • Then Hotmail “Sent message confirmation” screen is appearing, with the default settings chose.


  • By default, the disable to me the sent email affirmation or confirmation page after I send an email message” is chosen. To debilitate it and incidentally turn it off, select rather the “Skip the sent email message affirmation page and go straightforwardly to the inbox” setting.


  • Tap or click ‘Save ‘.


  • Hotmail will apply the new setting immediately, and take you back to the primary Hotmail Options Whenever you send an email message, you’ll wind up right back in your inbox – unless there was an issue, in which case Hotmail will tell you about it.




If you choose to re-enable the affirmation screen, simply go back to Options > More choices, tap on sent email message confirmations link, and revisit to the default setting.

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