4 Major steps to increase your security with Hotmail

With a famous email service like Hotmail, clients are more inclined to a cyber attack or assault nowadays. Follow these 4 major steps to increase your security with Hotmail account.

 Step 1 – Use a strong and unique password:-

  • Use unique characters and numbers in your account password.
  • Avoid choosing remember password when you are utilizing shared devices.
  • Do not utilize the same password for numerous accounts.
  • Use extra exceptional characters if you happen to utilize your password for many accounts.

Step 2 – Using HTTPS convention:-

  • To empower HTTPS in Hotmail account, go to Option> More choices. Picked Advanced Privacy Settings at the Hotmail alternative.
  • Pick visit HTTPS settings. Select always utilize HTTPS when I login to Hotmail account and tap save button to empower HTTPS association for you.




Step 3- Recovering account password data:-

  • Ensure your Account Password Reset Information dependably updates so you can change Hotmail password with the data you had given to Microsoft. To do this, go to your Hotmail account information and alter your security data. From here, you can include exchange email ids, mobile numbers and security inquiry to recover password if you happen to forget your account password.

Step 4 – Utilizing Hotmail account on open PCs:

  • Another highlight of Hotmail you can use when signing into your account on open or shared PC devices is “Get a private and single use of basic HTTP on open PCs”. This will create a computerized password which you can use for one time; the password will be sending you through instant text message to your mobile phone.


  • To allow this feature or highlight, select Get a single code to log in with when sign in to your account. On the following screen, write your email id and your phone number. Tap or click send text message and utilize the code you got to sign into your mail account.




Hotmail support number 0800-098-8424 is your unfailing source to resolve all Hotmail tech issues. Our third party Hotmail customer service number is a popular email service provides brilliant features to its users.




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