How to set background image in Hotmail

Background pictures changes the look and feel of the message. Numerous email services give this facility to include a foundation picture with the email. In Hotmail, though this element is not accessible as a matter of course. So every time when client needs to set a picture as the background for his email, he needs to physically roll out improvements in the CSS code of forming the email. The following is the best approach to set a background picture with Hotmail email.

  1. Login to the Hotmail account.
  2. Go to the message composing section.
  3. Look for Hotmail Headings and click on the link “send email “.
  4. Now click on the option “Rich Text “and starting from the drop menu select “Alter in HTML
  5. In the text area that appeared, write the following code:


The only drawback is each time if client needs a picture; he needs to change the picture address. Presently client can make the message and fill the to and from qualifications and send the message.

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