Some new “Quick Views” about your Hotmail Account

The most recent iteration of the Windows Live Hotmail web mail service includes a new element or feature called “Quick Views” to help you read messages and sort email messages all the more productively. But, what are Quick Views precisely? This article give details how to make the best of Quick Views, and see how they work.

 The new Hotmail accompanies 4 worked in Quick Views, showed in the left sheet, underneath your regular email folder or envelope: “Flagged“, “Office Documents“, “Photos, and “Shipping Updates“.

Naturally, Quick Views are obvious and extended: if you can’t see them, tap on the “Quick Views” in the left Sidebar.

4 Essential Quick Views in your Window Live Hotmail account

This is the thing that every Quick View performs, when you tap on it inside the left sheet:

  1. If you tap on the “Flagged” Quick View, Hotmail will just show email messages you have flagged. Like “virtual organizers”, Quick Views are redesigned progressively: this implies if you do a reversal to your inbox and unflag an email, and return right to the Flagged Quick View that specific email will no more appear there.


  • Sadly, the Flagged Quick View additionally filters messages whose significance was set to “low” or “high” – since various email message advertisers have the propensity for denoting their newsletters as low significance, you will probably discover a lot of those as flagged messages.


  1. The “Photos” Quick View is a single tick approach to discover all messages in your account that contain pictures as connection. If, for instance. You are holding up to receive an email message containing a critical or important picture; you can stay inside the Photos Quick View, and tap on it infrequently in the Sidebar to refresh the perspective: eventually, Hotmail will demonstrate another, new email and unread email message inside the Photos view!


  1. The “Office Documents” Quick View works similarly as Photos, depicted above, yet for Microsoft Office records: a single tick will hunt your whole Hotmail email account down messages that contain Office documents as attachments.




  1. Finally, the “Shipping Updates” Quick View is an uncommon perspective, or virtual folder, that lets you rapidly segregate messages that contain bundle following data from USPS, UPS, FedEx, and different bearers – also third party Hotmail customer help support providers whose messages contain shipment following data, making this Quick View truly valuable


Right now, there are just 4 Quick Views in your Hotmail; however this will unquestionably change, including Hotmail support contact number UK experts have the capacity to permit clients to make their own particular views.


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