Set up my Hotmail Account on Phone

Hotmail is globally used email service and it’s offered through Microsoft in the year 1996. Now this email service is popularly known as Outlook. And this email network is widely used by the people from all parts of the world for his or her personal and business purpose. Hotmail email set-up have superior or advance features like the large mails attachments, share and edit of the office and many other advance features. Now a day’s mostly people use their phone rather than laptops and computer devices in day to day life.

If you are use a Hotmail email services and want to check your email account without using a computer device then you can easily manage and organize your Hotmail account on your mobile as well by following some important steps.


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To set up your Hotmail email account on your Android mobile phone:

• Open your mobile app and go to the settings menu, then scroll down until you see option of +Add Account and tap on it.
• Tap of the option of Corporate or Microsoft Exchange.
• Put your email id and your password as required and tap Next button.
• After this enter the following information which is required in the given field like your Domain\ Username, Your alternate password and Exchange Server and then tap or click next button at the bottom of the page.
• You can easily change the setting if you want to alter any setting.
• At the last you can tap on the next button.
Congratulation! Now you have successfully set up or organize your Hotmail account on your mobile phone or your Android phone.


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Some important instructions:
Remember that the password should be containing at least eight characters. And the password must be made up from upper and lower case combination. Every time your password must not be same in that as your email id.

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